Objectives & Values

Corporate Objectives

  1. Provide efficient and quick delivery of services
  2. Provide community satisfaction
  3. Offer credit to the rural community for rural investment, job creation and improved standard of living. Offer any other financial services that are permissible under the Banking Act.
  4. Make profit for institutional sustainability and offer economic returns to the shareholders.
  5. Contribute to the socio-economic well-being especially women and youth of the community in which the bank operates.

Core Corporate Values

The operations of the Maltaaba Community Bank Ltd would be guided by the following values:

Acceptable behaviors

  1. Uses of polite languages during working hours
  2. Respect for authority and value system of the Bank
  3. Respect for authority, peers, juniors and customers
  4. Team building
  5. Be accountable
  6. Time consciousness
  7. Neatly dressed to work
  8. Honesty in dealing with others
  9. Honesty and Integrity
  10. Transparency in our dealings with others

Unacceptable behaviors

  1. Rudeness to workmates Customers
  2. Dishonesty
  3. Lateness to work
  4. Sluggishness
  5. Fraudulent and insincerity conducts
  6. Courting and fighting with workmates
  7. Disrespect for authority, peers, juniors and customers
  8. Open confrontation in Bank hall and premises
  9. Loggerheads and conflict with workmates and customers